Soft Center Extruder

For extruding cream and other soft center masses. Compact and portable design is ideal for small scale production. Interchangeable filler blocks and dies provide extreme product flexibility.

Designed for Durability

Built with stainless steel guarding and covers, we've designed this soft center extruder for maximum durability. Count on many years of successful production with a reliable machine.

Flexible and Easy to Operate

Easy to use controls ensure that the extruding process is efficient and simple to train. Flexible design means you can easily swap out filler blocks and dies.

Customizable to your production

We can design your soft center extruder to match your exact production application. From interchangeable filler blocks and dies to an extended range of additional options, we’ll make sure your production needs are covered.

Optional Features

  • Extended In-feed for feeding plaques
  • Product Rounder
  • Nutmeat Dispenser
  • Tamper
  • Nut recovery system
  • Additional filler block and die

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