Four Roll Extruder

For extruding dual layer and co-extruded products. Multiple cutters available for a total systems solution. Interchangeable filler blocks and dies provide extreme product flexibility.

Produce special items with varying flavors, colors, and masses

Four roll extruders use continuous feed rolls for producing special items containing two masses with different flavors/colors, or with two entirely different masses.

Switch easily between single and dual layer products

Versatile, split hoppers will allow the machine to be utilized as a two roll extruder. Make single layer products one day and dual layer products the next, maximizing your investment.

Customizable to your needs

We can custom design your filler blocks, die, and any other part of the machinery to your application. Customize with a wide range of additional options from nutmeat dispensers to various types of cutters.

Optional Features

  • Nutmeat Dispenser
  • Tamper
  • Guillotine Cutter
  • Double eccentric blade cutter
  • Servo cutter
  • Nut recovery system
  • Water heating/circulating system for feed rolls
  • Split hoppers
  • Interchangeable filler block and die

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